About Us

                             Meet our Team ~ Women on a Mission

The four of us met through the synchronicities  of life.  Attending an event, publishing a book, friend of a friend.  It started with one woman's courage to stand up and speak up, and blossomed into the merging of visions, dreams and passion.  Miracles, amazing connections and women with heart propelled us into what we bring to you today!

Becky Norwood

Becky is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach and Book Publisher. Becky's story started in early childhood with sexual, emotional and physical abuse, the effects of which colored her world for many years. Through a PhD from the School of Survival and Courage, she is passionate about sharing her message in this worldwide movement of Women Up International. Becky's love of being happy radiates through her as she teaches that loving yourself, forgiveness, finding your voice, standing up and discovering your own inner truth and strength is the key to not simply being a survivor...but thriving...Vibrantly Thriving. Publishing her own story (The Woman I Love: Surviving, Healing and Thriving After a Childhood of Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse) has been a key aspect of healing.  Since then she has inspired many others to also tell their stories, in the book "We Choose to Thrive: Our Voices Rise in Unison to Share With Abuse Survivors a Message of Hope and Inspiration."

Kaelen Revense

Kaelen Revense is a women’s life coach, speaker and author of the book, “The Gift of Me: How Abuse, Anxiety and Body-Bullying Taught Me I am My Greatest Gift and Adventure” coming out in 2017. As a woman who has consciously chosen to vibrantly thrive despite being sexually abused as a child by an extended family member, Kaelen created “The Gift of You Blueprint”, a coaching program, where she believes each woman is her greatest gift and greatest adventure. She coaches women to take back and own their power, love themselves authentically down to the cellulite dimples on their butt and then share their uncovered gifts with the world. She, along with Becky Norwood, are the Founders Women Up International and the Million Women Message Movement! Together they have a goal of reaching 1 million women in 2017 with their messages of love, hope and power!

Amy Ballon

Amy Ballon, a leader in her industry of real estate development for over 20 years, has created a thriving career within this space throughout Florida. In 2014, she found herself a survivor of a domestic violence incident that would change her passion from selling a dream to raising her voice about how to survive and thrive after domestic violence. She is the founder of raising awareness for the innocent which encourages open dialogue to over 49,000 people that follow her, to provide a safe place to address the issues associated with this epidemic. It was through this site that led Ballon to Becky and Kaelen who share the same vision of supporting and creating a safe place to learn how to thrive and take back your power. Ballon has been a featured speaker and is currently finishing her book about her journey.

Karen Albert

Karen Liz Albert, a Social Media consultant, speaker, author and seminar leader, is the President of Behind Your Curtain. Karen has over 20 years experience in marketing, consulting and professional training and has successfully used her Social Media expertise to launch targeted Social Media marketing campaigns for business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them achieve tangible marketing results by promoting brand awareness and increasing customers. Karen has also developed educational, hands-on workshops for business owners and her signature presentation Social Media Is For Small Biz is targeted specifically towards educating business owners and entrepreneurs on the value of Social Media and Internet Marketing for their business and their individual brand. Additionally, Karen will be launching her own WBTVN.tv show in March, 2017 and is in high demand as an expert guest on local and national radio shows discussing the latest in social media marketing trends.